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The Big Nursery Reveal

23 Jan

If you’re visiting from the Pinterest Challenge, welcome! I really wanted to do a YHL-style frame gallery in our daughter’s nursery and this is what we came up with. Bonus points: Look what we baked

The crib


With three weeks to spare, the nursery is ready to go. It all began on Christmas Eve when Eric put together the crib. From there, we unpacked all the shower and Christmas gifts, did a TON of laundry, made a checklist of what we still needed, bought said items and picked out some fun accessories from–where else–IKEA.

The room itself came together pretty effortlessly. The loose theme is “nature” which lent itself to decorating with flowers, butterflies, birds and animals. I already had a pink-and-green upholstered rocking chair leftover from my office (which we relocated down the hall) and pink polka-dot curtains to boot so pinks and greens became the palette du jour.

We left the walls white–like the rest of our abode–choosing to decorate with pops of color instead.

The Frame Gallery

The frame gallery

The bright pink, green, red and white frames hail from IKEA. The butterflies are from this postcard pack and the flower photographs were taken by Eric at Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC. We already had the two frames that house our wedding photos, which we’ll probably swap out with baby pictures soon.

As for the white frames, our plan is to display a picture of Emily in the fancy round one, a family picture in the large frame and a baby picture of Eric and me in the smaller pair. The onesie charm is from Emily’s great-grandma (actually a baby’s-first-Christmas ornament) and the adorable Valentine’s pirate was made by Eric’s mom–because every nursery needs a girly skull-and-crossbones, right?

Left Hutch

Left hutch (with changing table attachment)

On either side of the crib is a HENSVIK hutch from IKEA. These are also leftover from my office. Yes, I bought furniture for my grown-up, big-girl office from the IKEA children’s department. The office-turned-nursery is the smallest room in our house and I needed something that wouldn’t overwhelm the space. Just when I thought I was going to strike out, I stumbled upon these and excitedly declared they were like “mini LIATORPs” (I started crushing on LIATORP way back then). I even had Eric take my picture …

The funny thing is, which I didn’t officially know at the time, is that I am about half a week pregnant with Emily in this picture. Not much of a bump yet, huh?

Right Hutch

Right hutch

Those pink bins are storing everything from toys to sheets and towels to bibs, swaddle blankets, diapers and other things a baby needs. I even have three mostly empty ones on the left so there’s plenty of room to expand. IKEA makes other storage solutions that use these plastic bins so I see them playing a role in her childhood room for years to come. Her many, many clothes are hung neatly by size in the closet.

Baby clothes

The girl has style!

Continuing to move clockwise, is the rocking chair, lamp and side table. I’m stashing nursing and Boppy pillows behind the chair, as well as a Valentine’s fleece throw to protect it from spit-up and such. What? You thought parenting was all fun and games?

Chair and lamp

And for a little perspective, here’s what the nursery looks like when you walk in the door. The frame gallery is behind the My Little Snugabunny Bouncer and the rocker is on the other side of the window. Fun fact: the striped rug from IKEA is called the “EMMIE” rug. 

Nursery Overall

Since I can’t help myself, here are a few detail shots that make my sappy mom-to-be heart happy.

Heart dress on door

Sweetheart dress on door

Crib mobile

The flower mobile, with a pink-and-green stingray in the background

Crib close-up

You may recognize that teddy bear from the shower (look for the “motorcycle” picture).

 Now we just need to add the baby. :)

Psst! In case you’re wondering what didn’t come from IKEA, that would be the crib (from buybuy BABY), the mobile (from BabiesRUs) and the lamp (also from BabiesRUs) We already owned the flower art above the crib, rocker and side table. Most of the decorative things in the hutches are shower/Christmas gifts or items we already had. The crib quilt was lovingly made by Emily’s grandma.

Pinterest Challenge: Winter 2012

14 Mar

Pinterest Challenge

It’s Pinterest Challenge time again! In other words, it’s time for a post that’s not about food.

The goal of the Pinterest Challenge is to actually DO a project that you’ve pinned. You can read more about my last project here.

We’ve been busy furnishing and decorating our desert abode and making our house a home. Little by little, it is finally coming together.

While our living and dining areas have received plenty of attention, our bedroom was in need of some TLC. We’re currently without a headboard and nightstands and haven’t decided how we’ll furnish this room.

In the meantime, I wanted to give our room some pizzazz and remembered this Love Note Bunting that I pinned from the last edition of the Pinterest challenge.


This may or may not be our permanent solution, but it sure looks sweet for now. It’s fun to display some of our favorite cards that would otherwise be tucked away in a shoebox.  I just used some twine that we had on hand, but almost any material would do.

I surprised Eric by tackling this little project on my own before he got home from work—which made it that much sweeter.

I especially like how easy it is to change out the cards. And Garfield likes how much fun it is to swat at the dangling string. Everyone wins!

The duvet cover is from Ikea and we plan to decorate the rest of our room around it. The abstract flowers remind us of those purple Arizona wildflowers that are popping up all over right now. We are officially ready for spring!

Anyone else have a fun way to display love letters and cards? Do tell!

Thanks to Design Build Love for the headboard inspiration and to Young House Love, Bower Power, The Great Indoors and Hi Sugarplum for hosting the Pinterest Challenge. 

Feel free to follow me on Pinterest or subscribe to my RSS feed. You can learn more about The Desert Abode here. Thanks for stopping by!

Pinterest Challenge: Fall 2011

2 Nov

Do you pin? If not, you should. I’m usually not one to hop onto the latest social media bandwagon, but I’ve fallen for Pinterest. It’s such a fun and easy way to discover new decorating ideas, recipes, travel destinations, DIY projects—whatever your heart desires.

It’s good, old-fashioned eye-candy inspiration. Whether I’m looking for something specific or just seeing what’s new, it never ceases to amaze me how creative people are. I’m pretty sure if I spent all of my time cooking and creating things (wouldn’t that be nice?), I’d never run out of ideas thanks to Pinterest.

Best of all, I love that it gives me a place to save all of the ideas I come across—wherever they come from. This saves me from having to remember where I found something. And it allows me to organize all of these ideas in handy little boards that help me visually identify trends in my cooking and decorating aesthetic (apparently I really like to bake … OK maybe I knew that already).

It’s actually been enormously helpful in gathering decorating ideas for this desert abode of ours. While we’ve done very little on the decorating front so far (hey, we’ve been busy!), I feel like I’ve made progress without lifting a finger by pinning things that inspire me and might work for our space.

Thanks to the Fall 2011 Pinterest Challenge, the time has come for me to actually DO something that I’ve pinned. My project is small, although not insignificant, and falls into the it’s-the-little-things-that-count category.

It involves dish soap.

But first, the backstory: Our first DIY project was to replace the kitchen faucet. Water leaked all over the kitchen counter when we used it (and I mean ALL over). While it might have been more fun to hang some art on the walls or even finish unpacking the boxes, this was one of several projects that we’ve tackled as new homeowners that was born from necessity. It took several trips to the hardware store, CLR, a faucet wrench, elbow grease and one day without a kitchen faucet (which happened to coincide with the same day I was supposed to make a cherry pie for an office potluck), but Eric was able to dislodge our old corroded faucet and install this beauty.

Isn’t it stately?

I decided that the generic bottle of dish soap sitting next to our new faucet wasn’t cutting it. So I bought this:

And filled it with this:


True to Pinterest form, this project illustrates another reason why I like pinning so much: you find things that you never would have found without it. My project is inspired by a blog I stumbled upon while pinning Smitten Kitchen’s red wine chocolate cake. While quickly perusing the comments left on her post, I came across a comment by Katie @ Chai Thoughts and immediately clicked over (since I’m a little obsessed with chai tea).  Several minutes later, I found this post and pinned it.

Because I pinned both posts, weeks later I remembered where to find the cake and the posh dish-soap dispenser (in my “Yum Town” and “DIY” boards respectively).

Extra credit: I made the cake, too! Stay tuned to see how it turned out.