High Time for High Tea

8 Jan

A year ago, we purchased a Restaurant.com coupon for afternoon tea at The Phoenician’s Lobby Tea Court. This weekend, we went.

You see, high tea is not an everyday event. It requires your best china, your best clothes and your best attempt at cutting the edges off bread and making teeny-tiny finger sandwiches.

But since it was rumored that someone had a birthday around here, we made a reservation.

And it was everything we’d hoped it would be.

Traditionally, high tea (technically afternoon tea, but high tea sounds fancier) is served on a three-tiered tray with savory finger sandwiches on the bottom, scones in the middle and bite-size desserts on top. But this was a bit different. Each course was served from an elegant tray of tiny treats brought to the table in which you could try whatever you wanted or everything (we tried everything). A well-timed second pass was brought around so you could reindulge in your favorites before moving on to the next course (except for the scones, which were not mini, because who really wants to eat four scones?).

The meal was paced well and felt especially leisurely served with an entire pot of tea (blackcurrant for me and French vanilla for Eric). There was Wedgwood china, a piano player playing pops, a cascading fountain and a view of the southeast Valley down below. It was tea-rrific!

Afterward, there was time for exploring the resort wedged up against Camelback Mountain. After looking down on the resort (especially the ginormous pool) from the trail so many times, it was a treat to look back up at the hikers on the summit. Now, we’ll probably have some more perspective on our next hike—and I’ll certainty be jealous of anyone enjoying a leisurely tea while I’m working up a sweat!

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